Polilearn is a CD-ROM training course and reference manual for the use of light sources in forensic examination. It is an in-depth and interactive program, including detailed video footage for clear practical demonstration. It consists of 2 volumes, which together will fully equip users to engage in optical-based techniques and assist them in obtaining the best possible results.

Forensic light sources are now used throughout the world both at the scene-of-crime and in the laboratory. They are used to detect, examine and enhance a wide range of evidence including fingerprints, bodily fluid stains and document alterations.

Volume 1 of the training program is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the use of these instruments. It deals with the basic principles involved in using forensic light sources and their various modes of operation: Absorption, Diffuse Reflection, Episcopic Illumination and Photoluminescence.

The second volume of the training program deals with detection and enhancement of latent fingerprints. The combination of optical, physical, physico-chemical and chemical methods detailed in this program, permit a rational and highly efficient processing of secretions deposited on various surfaces.

The program details the issues which must be understood before the most appropriate set of techniques can be determined and applied. Individual techniques are described in detail, and exhaustive sequences for different conditions are provided to give practitioners the greatest likelihood of obtaining useable fingerprints.

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